Ms Angela Barney-Leitch is the QUT Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Australians).

Ms Barney-Leitch is a Woppaburra woman with over 30 years of experience working in and with State and Federal Governments, the tertiary sector, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-based organisations. For over 20 years she worked within and led Queensland government policy and strategy units. Prior to joining QUT in 2019, Ms Barney-Leitch was the Director of Indigenous Policy and Strategic Innovation for the Queensland Department of Education. Ms Barney-Leitch is also a Land Trustee and Native Title Holder for the Woppaburra Nation.

At QUT she has successfully refocused Indigenous Australian priorities, plans and spaces to align with Indigenous sovereignty and voice, as well as QUT’s overall strategic planning to incorporate the needs and visibility of Indigenous Australians.