As a woman in leadership across the fields of education and non-profit for more than 30 years, Bron Williams has taught a multi-grade classroom, led a school, run a Salvation Army church and welfare centre, and worked with asylum seekers on Nauru. It was working with asylum seekers and alongside Pacific Islanders that alerted Bron to her own latent bias of racism and she understood her white privilege for the first time. She has worked with corporates such as Unilever, nonprofits like The Salvation Army, peak sporting bodies (Tennis Australia), member organisations such as Women in Gaming and Hospitality, government departments (local, state and federal) as well as small business and a range of individual clients.

In her personal life, Bron has shattered family and cultural expectations around what a woman should do, challenged societal norms about what ageing looks like, and reformed and reshaped her career not once but twice.

She knows it takes courage to let go of long-held beliefs that hold us back, to lead from behind when leadership is not recognised, and to have the courageous conversations that facilitate growth and change. Bron is a trained educator, holds an honours degree in theology, and is currently undertaking PhD research exploring the intersection of bias and shame.

Having honed her skills across three decades of mentoring, speaking and presenting in a variety of forums, stages, and panels Bron is a gifted storyteller with the ability to take complex ideas and present them to her audiences and clients as readily understandable concepts. Bron has written for publications such as HRM and The Graduate Union and published two books. In the media, she has appeared on Ticker TV and Triple M radio, with a regular spot on a local Melbourne radio station.

Bron’s goal in all she does is to plug women back into their power.