Professor David Brown is from the Business School at the University of Technology Sydney. His research and teaching is primarily focused on determinants of performance, and design of systems for management and control. David’s research spans multiple sectors including aged care, agriculture, energy, banking, professional service firms, real estate investment trusts, public inquiries, universities, and public research organisations. He researches topics such as cognition and decision making, innovation and open strategy, and environmental sustainability.

David is co-founder and co-director of the UTS Ageing Research Collaborative (UARC), a six faculty pan university network of researchers, focused on enabling social, economic, and environmental care and support for ageing Australians. Nested within UARC is the Australian Aged Care Sector biannual report, the Star Ratings Dashboard, and programs of research including multidimensional models of aged care systems, and determinants of organisational and sector performance.