Allan Wade Ph.D. lives on the unceded land of the Quw’utsun and Malahat First Nations, on southern Vancouver Island, Canada.  He works as a family therapist, independent scholar, and consultant with a primary interest in promoting socially just and effective responses in cases of violence, broadly defined.  Allan is pre-occupied with the question of how humans preserve dignity in response to violence and humiliation.  In this respect, Allan is the grateful student of Kaska Dena elders living on Kaska homeland on north-western Turtle Island.

Allan and his partner Cathy are the parents of five adults, the grand-parents of six truly grand children, and spiritual kin to two golden Labrador retrievers.  Allan and his colleagues (Nick Todd, Shelly Dean, Cathy Richardson, Linda Coates) are best known for developing Response-Based Practice; a method of individual and family therapy, a framework for research and analysis, and a guide for practice across the institutions that respond in cases of violence.

Allan provides training and consultation in Canada and abroad.  He has published numerous articles and book chapters on research and practice, including the far too expensive book, Response-Based Approaches to Interpersonal Violence (2016), co-edited with Margareta Hyden and David Gadd (Palgrave MacMillan).