Kristin Diemer is a sociologist and co-leads the kNOwVAWdata course for capacity building and global measurement of violence against women, including evaluation of programs for men who use violence, and assessment of social norms and community attitudes on violence against women.  She has published the first multi-sector, multi- indicator administrative data trend analysis and worked on law reform to remove the homicide defense of provocation, improve prosecution of sexual offences and reform of domestic and family violence laws.

She leads national and international multi-disciplinary research teams and is a global leader in applied research and knowledge exchange for policy and practice.  She participates in multiple national and international expert advisory committees including: the Gender Equality Metrics (GEM); the Australian National Community Attitudes on Violence against Women survey (NCAS); the Australian Personal Safety Survey (PSS); the WHO International Expert Working Group on estimates of VAW; and UNESCO/UNGEI expert group to establish measures of school related gender-based violence.