Fran Jacka is the Director of MARAM and Information Sharing, with Family Safety Victoria. Fran is a qualified legal practitioner with 12 years’ experience in the Victorian government, with a focus on leading risk assessment and management reforms arising from the Royal Commission into Family Violence. Fran is the lead author of the Family Violence Multi Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework and Practice Guides, and contributing designer to the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme. The MARAM reform program has facilitated contribution from thousands of practitioners, academics and community members, leading to changes to how we respond to adult and child victim survivors and adults using family violence.

Fran also leads and advises on policy design for system-wide reforms related to coercive control practice responses, misidentification and predominant aggressor system responses, common recognition of suicide and family violence risk, recognition of child victim survivors of family violence, adolescent family violence and ongoing practice reforms related to coordinated and collaborative practice responses.