Jemi is a social policy professional and strategist with extensive experience delivering state government reforms. Her experience extends across the policy, law reform, project management and strategy spectrums. 

More recently, Jemi’s career has focused on innovation, digital & customer transformation. She currently leads the NSW Government’s customer culture program, which is focused on helping agencies and employees to embed customer-centricity into their practices, processes and culture. Jemi is known for her collaborative leadership style and for bringing an innate calmness and flexibility to challenging and high-stress situations – logically working through issues to make sound decisions. 

As a strong advocate for equity and inclusion, Jemi regularly advises and contributes to DEI projects and discourse to drive change across the sector. Her contributions were recognised by the Women’s Agenda Leadership Awards in 2021, and she recently received a certification for completing the Culturally Diverse Women Leadership program by MindTribes and the Monash University Business School.

In January 2021, Jemi brought her expertise together with her passion for economically empowering women, to found Penny – an early stage start-up dedicated to helping women achieve their savings and investment goals. 

Before joining the public service, Jemi volunteered as a solicitor with the HIV/AIDS Legal Centre and spent time at UNICEF (Geneva) working on the UN Secretary General’s Study on Violence against Children.