Jen is a Program Manager within Act for Kids, Individual Support Services. This is a new program to Central Queensland and Act for Kids is leading the way locally to develop bespoke trauma-informed practice for families.

Jen’s journey in this field commenced when she was a Parole officer and undertaking a Social Work placement. After 4 years she realised that her passion was more for early intervention. She then moved into case management providing intensive support to families. From here her love for Domestic and Family Violence prevention was developed. The next move was into a specialized Domestic and Family Violence role and then into Management. Her drive to mentor, provide a supportive workplace upskill, and develop and grow staff brought Jen to Act for Kids. She still thrives on “hands-on family work” as this is why we work in this field.

She is the Co-Founder of a local Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Charity. The Charity aims to provide free education sessions to businesses/sporting groups/government agencies, physical support to victims, referral pathways, and bespoke resources for large companies.