A glimpse into Joan’s life reveals that she grew up in Guildford in the western suburbs of Sydney, NSW, Australia, and then married a local boy. She settled down to what she thought would be a lifetime of rearing her family. What followed proved to be that and a whole lot more.

Currently her life is enriched by her four children, six grandchildren and seven great grandchildren.

Joan enjoys a portfolio career. A cherry pick includes, managing health clinics at Santa Teresa and Kintore in Central Australia, Aged Care Assessor, setting up and running the Sophia Retreat Centre, offering English language to students at Kunming University in China, 20 years as a Health Educator with NSW Health Department.

In 2018 – just before her 80th birthday- she resigned from her work as a Personal Carer and to her surprise doors opened into her new career as a Life Artist Model and she started making TV commercials!

Now, in 2020 Joan has produced her fifth, new and edgy book “Behind the Label: The Naked Truth”. This a lighthearted look at fashion, exposing the way it affects our lives. It is about the world of clothes and their impact on us and the planet.

Joan is an inspirational speaker on topics such as ‘Clothes and Us’, ‘What is Sexuality?’, ‘Myths of Maturity’, ‘Haiku in Hand Made Books’.

To describe Joan, people use words such as: honest, straight forward, you know where you stand with her, ebullient, feisty, vibrant, intelligent, fun loving, catalyst, caring, compassionate, creative, spiritual and of course sexy.