Rachael joined the Royal Australian Navy in October 1999, as a junior rate, following the completion of a 10-year career as a JNCO Rachael decided to apply for her commission. In 2009 Rachael joined HMAS Creswell as a Midshipman to specialise in Maritime Warfare. Rachael is a qualified Principal Warfare Officer specialising in Mine Warfare.

In 2013, she married her lifelong sweetheart, Gillian in a ceremony in Wollongong that was witnessed by many. Rachael and Gillian shared a 13-year-old child at the time and decided to add to the value of three. They now have a 25-year-old son (Corban), an 8-year-old daughter. (Kaitlyn) and 6-year-old daughter, (Sophie). Rachael took some time away from the pressures of the sea-going environment to focus on family. As a family they moved to Sydney so that Rachael could pursue her career advancement course. They currently live in Mascot where they have established a happy pattern of life.

In 2008 Rachael marched with DEFGLIS as the first contingent with Defence Approval, this milestone event saw her become passionate about the DEFGLIS platform and committed to helping in any way possible to build a more robust support network for the Defence LGBTIQ community. In 2019 Rachael marched for the first time in uniform after marching for consecutive years with her family, this was a moment that she will never forget. Rachael is an outwardly spoken advocate for all members of the community, she has an invested interest in the treatment of the TGD members as well as the barriers still being faced by same-sex families and families of non-traditional composition.

Rachael believes that although much has changed there is still a long way to go before all members of our community feel the absolute effects of equality and fairness. There are areas that have seen a real positive shift and as a community we should be thankful, she believes that although change will occur it will always occur in Defence time and this is where she believes that DEFGLSI holds the greatest value, as an organisation we can share those feelings of time stall and press together through friendship, support, mentorship and peer group community events and networking. Rachael believes that DEFGLIS plays a vital role in the support and success of our members.

Rachael is extremely proud to the current DEFGLIS President and is excited to be able to represent and outwardly speak on her lived experiences as being lesbian in the ADF, a leader of the community and advocate to all that find it hard to have their voices heard. Rachael says that this is a privilege that should never be misused or ill employed.