Liz Nair is a seasoned business leader, speaker, facilitator, and entrepreneur renowned for her management and adult education expertise. Liz has gained recognition in several industry associations with her impressive organisational transformation track record.

As the Founder and Director of Attivo Consulting, Liz focuses on human behaviour. She specialises in empowering individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential through effective leadership, communication, social interaction, emotional regulation, mindset, and team-building strategies.

Liz is a highly qualified professional, holding degrees in Management, Adult Education, and Positive Psychology. She has completed certifications in Neuroscience for Business, Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, Whole Brain Thinking Practitioner, and Adesso Well-being Profiling Practitioner. Her unbridled passion for learning and professional development drives her to continually seek new and innovative approaches to help her clients succeed.