Lucy is a Aboriginal/ South Sea Islander woman from the Cobble Cobble clan of the
Burrungam Nation of South West QLD currently living on Yugambeh country (Logan City
QLD). She is a mum of four children and plays a vital role in her family as a ‘song woman
and dancer’ teaching her gundoo’s (children) the traditional songs, dances and stories of
their songlines Boobarran Ngumin or Bonyi Bonyi (Bunya Mountains). Bonyi Bonyi is a well-
known story of First Nations peoples throughout South East QLD, as many clans would
make the trek every three years to feast on the bunya nuts and gather in circle and discuss

Lucy is the current Nation RAP and Strategic Manager for The Salvation Army. Lucy directed
over 80 virtual yarning circles which formed the basis of The Salvation Army’s first National
Reconciliation Action Plan (Innovate) launched in December 2020 with a key commitment to
Truth Telling and Social Advocacy. During the process of creating the RAP The Salvation
Army developed their first Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competency
Framework which has been a supporting document with kits to support the organisation to bring systematic changes to organisations including a cultural learning framework which is compulsory for all staff and personnel. The Salvation Army acknowledges the important role
they play in working with vulnerable peoples and communities they acknowledge the
importance of their workplaces being culturally safe spaces.

Her current role is supporting positive change structurally throughout The Salvation Army
and encouraging conversations within and externally with faith-based organizations on how
to support Reconciliation with practical actions.

Lucy also facilitated one of the first virtual yarning circles for the Uluru Statement from the
Heart with over 50 CEW woman in attendance with a leading panel of Sam Mostyn, Aunty
Pat Anderson AO and Professor Megan Davis.

Recently, Lucy hosted over 20 virtual yarning circles for the governments ‘Week of Action’
towards the Referendum, facilitating yarns with Aunty Pat Anderson and Professor Megan
Davis, answering the questions of ‘what is a voice’ what recognition means and why are we
going to a referendum. Due the success of these Start a Yarn’ yarning circles, Lucy continued her work with the Uluru Dialogue team in facilitating weekly virtual yarning circles. The circles allow Australians to listen to the journey of the Uluru Statement from the Heart whilst offering people a chance to engage in respectful conversations with leaders of the Uluru Statement on the upcoming referendum and what a enshrined voice to parliament looks like.

Lucy has appeared on the ABC’s Drum, as a panellist leading conversation around Truth
Telling, Justice and Repair, and First Nations Spirituality Vs Western Christianity.

Lucy has a BA (Major) Human Services and a UNITAR Diploma in Conflict Prevention and
Peacebuilding Capacities of Indigenous Peoples. Lucy is currently finishing her Masters in
Conflict Resolution & Peacemaking. Lucy also was a participant of the Brisbane Dialogues
on Constitutional Recognition.