Born in Coonabarabran NSW (‘homeland’) – Wiradjuri woman of Dabee descent. Michelle is a lob term visitor on Bundjalung Country in Lismore, Northern NSW.

With a long-standing professional background in NSW Housing Services, NSW Child Protection, NSW Out of Home Care, Relative Assessments, Cultural planning for children and Specialist in Practice & Permanency, Michelles more recent career focus has been working in Aboriginal Community Controlled organisations, partnerships and engagement, policy and programs. ‘Nyumba Consulting’ has been developed with the intent and purpose to challenge systemic response in First Nations Communities, educate and empower practitioners to make systems adapt to the needs of families and communities in a manner that enhances cultural integrity.

Michelle is motivated by engaging with purposeful relationships across sector to enable sound advocacy and sector priority shift and reform, ensuring access and equity for families, communities and children who are more vulnerable than others.

Michelle presents on Aboriginal models of practice which prioritize embedding cultural intelligence into every day decision making, challenging systemic oppression which leads to siloing needs of families and the children. Self-determination and empowerment are not nouns to Michelle, they are verbs – action orientated and outcome focussed. Michelle is a well-considered strategist for programs and projects that enable change, strengthen kinship and family networks.