Pele is a descendant of St Paul’s Village on Moa Island in the Torres Straits. Mother of four, Pele was born and raised in Brisbane and is a proud member of the region’s Indigenous community. Currently employed as a Manager in the Department of Youth Justice with an extensive career in the Health Sector, Pele commenced her career as a trainee health worker and has worked in government and non-government sectors for over 20 years.

Previously employed at Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council as Manager of Health Programs, and former Director of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Health Service, Pele holds several qualifications, including a Bachelor of Health Science and certificates in leadership, training/education and coaching/mentoring.

Pele has a demonstrated history of working in the non-profit organisation management industry and is skilled in Coaching, Epidemiology, Prevention, Facilitation, and Health Promotion. Strong, professional and passionate, Pele is enthusiastic about a fair and just societal economic upscale for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.