I am an expert in teacher development and reflexive practice. I investigate the conditions of teaching and learning with particular attention to how teachers negotiate these conditions, how we prepare teachers to negotiate these conditions and how these conditions impact on teaching practice and student outcomes. Current ARC funded research projects with teams across multiple universities, are in the areas of improving classroom writing and preparing reflexive teachers for diverse classrooms. In these projects I am using collaborative and participatory designs including co-designed professional learning with teachers. My projects use innovative social labs with diverse stakeholders to map out existing practices and values; provoke new ideas and develop actions.

I hold positions as the President of the NSW Council of Deans of Education and a Principal Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. I am the recipient of a national citation for outstanding contributions to student learning and have an extensive record of program development having co-ordinated undergraduate, postgraduate and Higher Degree Research programs.
I am also the Chair of the Education Research Council for Australian Independent Schools NSW and I sit on the NSW Education Standards Authority Policy Advisory Committee.