Professor Miriam Tanti is an experienced educator who has dedicated more than 20 years to collaborating with teachers, schools, and school systems. Throughout her career, she has played a pivotal role in fostering engagement and innovation among key educational stakeholders and industry partners, both nationally and internationally. At present, she holds the position of Associate Dean Academic Partnerships and serves as the Director of the Commonwealth-supported Nexus program – an innovative pathway to enter the teaching profession. Nexus represents an employment-based pathway designed to attract and prepare a diverse cohort of high-achieving prospective teachers for roles in metropolitan, regional and rural secondary and primary schools in Victoria and New South Wales. In support of this work, her research explores the influence and impact of school and university partnerships on teacher development, including preservice teachers, mentor teachers, and communities of practice. Her efforts in this area have been instrumental in advocating for an integrated approach to initial teacher education. Additionally, her other area of exploration and research focuses on the meaningful integration of digital technologies in education. Her collaboration with Microsoft and Telstra resulted in the development of simulations designed to equip preservice teachers for their professional experience and the teaching profession. This initiative not only is at the forefront of evidence-informed contemporary educational practices but also garnered the endorsement of key regulatory authorities.