As a high performing career executive assistant for nearly 30 years, I supported thought leaders, change makers, CEOs, Chairs and a high profile billionaire across many industries and sectors, both private and public companies and I physically worked/lived in 7 countries. I have experience in multiple corporate crises, Royal Commissions, serious economic downturn (the GFC), the Pandemic, leadership changes (C-Suite, Chair and CEO), large scale restructures and acquisitions and sales of businesses.


My ways of working, thinking and best practices saved 8+ hours a week for CEOs, increased efficiencies and eased friction and peak pressure periods across organisations. I built administration dream teams through creating finely tuned capability frameworks, impactful best practices and ways of working and targeted recruitment that supported creating internal career runways. I made the development of my teams a priority in every organisation I worked in. 


I now leverage this deep experience as a consultant, corporate trainer, writer, international public speaker and lifelong, passionate advocate for executive assistants. Since 2019 I have been creating and delivering highly impactful public and private masterclasses, workshops and courses that elevate the administration community. Essentially, I provide the development I wished existed as I moved throughout my career. 


My clients say they love working with me for my grounded, warm and empathetic approach, refreshing honesty and my ability to relate to what my clients are experiencing. They’ve said they love being able to leverage my deep, unique experience to find practical solutions to the challenges they’re facing in their roles and careers.