Sarah’s 20 years as a nurse and humanitarian have taken her around the globe. Sarah became fascinated by culture and the way it influences the way we think, work and behave. Her time as a nurse has given her a uniquely human perspective to the way we think, work and behave. She has seen the power of human connection to literally save lives. By cultivating a culture of COURAGE, we all have the power to make an impact.

As a nurse, Sarah specialised in cancer services and palliative care, and as a humanitarian, she has worked in some challenging environments. Most recently, she worked as a health advisor for survivors of human trafficking in Spain. 

As well as being a mum of two girls and a sought-after keynote speaker, Sarah is the Founder and Director of Unchained Solutions, a social enterprise inspiring Australians to make an impact on modern slavery. 

Her approach to courageous leadership revives the workplace and empowers your team to thrive, while giving easily applicable tools for them to use to create culture change. She delivers a powerful message that is relevant for everyone grappling with the changing hybrid workplace.

Sarah’s global experience of different cultures as well as her experience in leading a purely virtual team, gives her a unique perspective on workplace culture, particularly in the hybrid environment most of us are facing. 

Her service has landed her awards such as the (NSW) Young Australian of the Year, the Women’s Economic Forum Woman of Excellence, and the Ausmumpreneur Women Will Change the World Award.