Dr Silke Meyer is the Leneen Forde Chair in Child and Family Research and a Professor of Social Work at Griffith University. She is the former Deputy Director of the Monash Gender and Family Violence Prevention Centre and continues to hold an adjunct appointment with the Centre. She is a criminologist and social worker by training, bringing practical and theoretical expertise to her research, teaching and writing. Her research centres on different aspects of domestic and family violence, including women and children’s safety, wellbeing and recovery, men’s accountability in their role as perpetrators and fathers, experiences specific to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and the role of domestic and family violence-informed practice in child protection, policing and court proceedings.

Silke has delivered evaluations for a number of government and non-government organisations, including police, child protection, perpetrator intervention and victim support services. She is a Subject Matter Expert for the Raising Children Network and a former non-government member of the inaugural Qld Domestic and Family Violence Death Review and Advisory Board. Her research has been published and cited across disciplines and continues to inform policy and practice in areas of victim, perpetrator and family-related service delivery.