Steve Grant

Steve is a creative innovator in STEM education, educational leadership, change management, and leading teacher professional development.

He brings bring a wealth of knowledge in initiating and leading new STEM projects in a collaborative and consultative manner, with a particular focus on delivering high quality STEM educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, working across metropolitan, regional, remote, and very remote communities. Steve’s work as teacher, STEM Professional Learning Consultant, Curriculum Officer for ACARA (Digital Technologies in Focus project), and as the inaugural Director of Innovation and Creativity for Trinity College (SA) brings a wealth of transdisciplinary skills and experience in working across diverse contexts to build the capacity and competence of teachers to meaningfully embed computing into student learning.

Bruce Fuda

Bruce has been teaching in ACT secondary schools for ten years after some time working as a web developer and network administrator at the Australian National University. During this time, his emphasis has been on developing the understanding of computer science and programming capabilities of students in years 5-12 using a range of programming tools and learning approaches. He was a member of the Advisory Group for the development of the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies during the writing phase and has been involved in projects across multiple Australian jurisdictions developing teacher capability and lesson resources to support the implementation of the curriculum. He is currently the President of Information Technology Educators ACT, and the Director of Learning Technologies at Gungahlin College. He believes that the skills and knowledge that you develop through an understanding of the digital technologies are the modern equivalent of magic, and wants to see all students have the opportunity to become masters of this mystical art.