Theresa Mace is a proud Koa woman who has been working in Brisbane as an Aboriginal Social Worker for more than 20 years. With Bachelor degrees in both Social Science and Social Work she has a strong knowledge of social systems and intersectionality within the family violence and child protection sectors. Her professional passion has always focused on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families by value adding to activities and projects that support positive outcomes. Theresa is a respected voice within the community and has spoken at several Indigenous conferences across Queensland. She is passionate about her culturally safe holistic family support model that is effective across the family support, child protection and family violence sectors. She understands the complex nature of family violence and the ongoing impact that colonization is still having on today’s generations.  

Currently employed with Act for Kids as a Specialist Family Support Practitioner, over the past 8 years she has provided the Brisbane North Intensive Family Support Services with cultural support and actively upskills practitioners within the wider community sector.