Tony started his career in science studying at the University of Queensland and spent the first part of his working life with the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and then with CSIRO working on food crops, predominantly tropical and sub-tropical tree crops. He worked all over the Northern Territory, NSW and Queensland and in these varying roles and got to meet all sorts of incredible people. Many of these projects also took Tony to India and the Philippines.

Tony’s passion for business and science found him working for various levels of government and multinational businesses as a Technical Officer, Research Scientist, Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Area Manager and Territory Manager, and was also fortunate enough to work on projects with large national and international organisations, regional councils and mining

Tony also became a member of the IFYS Board in the early 2000’s and after being contracted to conduct a 3-month Business Review of the company in 2013, decided to take on the role of Managing Director and has led the organisation for the last 10 years. IFYS now employs well over 850 staff across much of Queensland and delivers services in Child Protection, Early Intervention, Child Sexual Exploitation, Disability, Housing & Homelessness and Community.