20 Sep 2023
Women in Leadership Seminar Series presents:

Egoless Leadership: Taking the Lead for Inclusion & Diversity

Leading with purpose and empathy to empower your team to achieve their full potential
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When you get inclusion right, and good leaders unleash the best from their people, organisations thrive.

– Francis Frei, Professor Harvard Business School.

Egoless leaders sincerely want to help everyone in their team to thrive. Their empathy and drive for inclusion and equity enable an organisational culture of shared purpose and support toward a common goal. They embrace and expect tolerance for uniqueness and all ideas are embraced and explored.

A key global issue that has proven to be difficult to solve is the underrepresentation of women and the lack of diversity in leadership roles. In addition, with the workplace more disconnected than ever, people are struggling to find the meaning and motivation in their workplace experiences to remain engaged and willing to contribute.

This seminar is focused on helping leaders find a way to work better together to shape the world they want to live in. It was borne out of the need to help leaders build organisations where people can work and grow together in an inclusive and flexible way to thrive. Shaping organisations and teams as empowering places where everyone can achieve their full potential and lead with purpose.

Meet your facilitator

Vanessa Vershaw

Globally recognised transformation expert, leadership coach, culture and business strategist and facilitator.


Vanessa works closely with Boards, CEOs and Leadership teams of Fortune 100 companies, NFP, private equity firms and sporting organisations to build extraordinary leaders, shift culture and create the most excellent places to work.

Why attend

Learn why – as a leader – your ego is your enemy

Understand why great leaders embrace vulnerability and admit their failings shortcomings, and weaknesses (and to what end)

Facilitate an inclusive and diverse culture where everyone feels safe enough to tell each other the truth

Encourage and facilitate honest and non-judgemental exchanges that build trust and drive performance

Focus your time and energy on your strengths and let your team be empowered to do the same

Unpack how you can avoid the ego trap and consistently be the genuine, empathetic leader that your team needs

Trust your team and value their opinions


All times shown in AEST

In this powerful seminar, learn how to:


  • Navigate a volatile and ever-changing workplace environment with confidence and courage
  • Leverage your unique leadership traits that will get you there
  • Lead connected and resilient teams
  • Cultivate an inclusive culture
  • Unlock creative potential and create a pathway with an inclusive future in mind


This seminar will be relevant to all current and emerging female leaders as well as male allies and champions of change.

It is for brave, progressive and socially conscious leaders who are ready to embark on an epic personal and professional adventure that will shift the way they see the world forever. These are women and men who want to enhance their influence and make a real difference. They are growth-oriented, mentally flexible, and ready to step into their full potential and be seen.

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