Callie Barrett (She/Her)

A/g Assistant Secretary, Reform Implementation Division & Neurodiversity Advocate

Alex Kent

Mens Community Connections Worker

Eleanor McCall

Service Development Manager-Domestic & Family Violence Services

Hannah Taylor-Civitarese

PhD candidate and national social worker

Rizsa Albarracin

Lead - Climate Risk and Adaptation, Office of Hospital Sustainability,

Shyam Barr

Education Consultant and Associate Professor

Caitlin Grant

Junior School Enrichment Coordinator

Kim Brady

Executive Leader - Teaching & Learning

Megan Williams

Deputy Head of Primary, Curriculum

Mark Liddell

Head of Learning and Innovation

Lynda Wall

Deputy Principal, Educational Leadership

Russell Newman

Deputy Principal - Teaching and Learning

Anna Sever

Deputy Principal (Teaching and Learning)

Graeme Hallett

Director of Learning and Teaching

Louise Wallace-Richards

Assistant Principal of Teaching and Learning

Andrew Baylis

Director of Learning and Research