Dr Ruwangi Fernando She/Her

Founder & Director

Gisela Mautner She/Her

CEO & Managing Director

Nadene Serman She/Her

Global Chief Technology Officer

Roshmeen Azam She/Her

Chief Medical Officer

Jenna Nelson She/Her

Director of Engineering, Reliability Platforms

Lucy McClean She/Her

Managing Director, & Former Director NSW, VIC TAS

Taylor Bamin She/Her

Indigenous Talent Acquisition Business Partner

Renu Steggles She/Her

Regional Director, Sydney - Transport Infrastructure & Energy Transmission

Rowenna Walker She/Her

Managing Director, NSW & ACT

Claire Bourke She/Her

Head of Customer Solutions, ANZ

Assoc. Prof Bernadette Eather She/Her

Chief Nurse and Clinical Services Director

Prof Wendy Umberger She/Her

Chief Executive Officer

Miranda Ratajski She/Her

Chief Information Officer – Group Business Units

Prof Madhu Bhaskaran She/Her


Marianne Morton She/Her

Chief Information and Digital Officer

Rina Abbott-Jard She/Her

Procurement Leader ESG Sustainability

Angela Fox She/Her

Senior Vice President & Managing Director ANZ

Sue Brown She/Her

Executive Group Director - Sustainability

Prof Nicole Grobert She/Her